About Us

Parsian pharmaceutical company is a leading knowledge-based manufacturer, specializes in small-molecules API synthesis. The company’s head quarter and Research & Development Department are located in Avicenna National Biotechnology Park. It has been founded in 2008, in cooperation with faculties, researchers and pharmaceutical industry experts as a supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)....


To be recognized as a pioneer, science oriented, ethical and trans-regional company.


Knowledge based, Innovative and continuous improvement. Professional ethic observation, meritocracy and empowering human capital.


Producing high-quality and effective APIs based on international standards.


Improvement of health level and society`s health quality with synthesis and production of high-quality and affordable products.


Parsian in Iran Pharma Exhibition

Parsian understands that to find new and exciting opportunities, there's nothing more valuable that face-to-face meetings. Therefore, Persian company attended in the 4th Iranian Pharmaceutical Sciences exhibition (IPH) to present the abilities and capacities of the company.


Parsian portfolio consists of a number of successful products with focusing on the society`s demands for oncology, cardiology and neurology medicines in order to meet producers’ needs.

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