Parsian pharmaceutical company is a leading knowledge-based manufacturer, specializes in small-molecules API synthesis. The company’s head quarter and Research & Development Department are located in Avicenna National Biotechnology Park. It has been founded in 2008, in cooperation with faculties, researchers and pharmaceutical industry experts as a supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Our team of dedicated technical, quality and regulatory experts is committed to provide our customers with high-quality affordable APIs and to adhere to strict safety and quality standards. The company deals with and manages all the processes of development and manufacture of the APIs and some other active pharmaceutical ingredients. Since 2011, the company’s products are available in commercial scale as raw material for other pharmaceutical companies. In addition, taking “export GMP certificate” in 2014 and “production GMP certificate” in 2015 from IFDA were other company`s achievements. Parsian harnesses the power of scientific experts to develop and produce APIs that are in company’s vision or suggested by partner companies. The company has developed a product portfolio in production of Oncology APIs and recently has ventured into non-oncology segment to address the patient needs of Multiple Sclerosis, Hepatitis C, Diabetes and cardiovascular APIs.


Improvement of health level and society`s health quality with synthesis and production of high-quality and affordable products.


Parsian pharmaceutical company is able to achieve the latest technology in the world for producing high-quality and effective APIs in order to mitigate patients` pain and boost their life expectancy in the country.


Responsibility, consistency and professional ethic observation in cooperation with beneficiaries. Giving priority to quality in every stratum with respect to regulations and quality standards of pharmaceutical industry. Attention to human capital and creating common opportunities, meritocracy, capabilities, discipline improvement and culture of official commitment, knowledge based, innovative and consistent improvement.


To be recognized as a pioneer, science oriented, ethical and trans-regional company, based on the latest international standards and entering the Global market with development and export aim.

Organization Chart

Quality policy

Parsian pharmaceutical company takes over the mission of producing a wide variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients with special insight of its tremendous responsibilities for patients and society and using the latest technology. Beneficiaries` satisfaction, attention to environment, minimizing safety risks and career hygiene for employees and other beneficiaries are located in the top of Parsian Pharmaceutical Company`s schedule. Following policies are considered: • Obtaining customers` satisfaction through producing and delivering high quality products based on GMP principles and the latest pharmaceutical standards on time. • Continuous investigation of country`s patients demands and drug necessities, synthesizing and manufacturing APIs with the respect of company`s facilities for improving society`s health. • Exports and producing new products in order to increase market share and beneficiaries` profit. • Belief in human capital values and hire eligible personnel and improving personnel’s` insight. • Preventing environmental contaminations with respect to national and international standards, creating a healthy environment for life and providing appropriate environment for future generations. Creating safety, health and hygiene at workplace with respect to safety regulations and career hygiene. • Consistent improvement in the whole activities through setting meticulous aims, auditing and system continuous revision. • Creating indispensable background for organizational excellence •Production of new APIs in parallel with increase in the products quantity and quality. • Managing director of Parsian pharmaceutical company personally takes over his commitment for supervision good performance of the managing quality system and presents reports on the achievements of the above objectives. • C.E.O of Parsian pharmaceutical company expects Parsian family members to discern the company policies and continuously exert them in all aspects of their work due to the fact that without their cooperation, continuous improvement, high efficacy and organizational effectiveness won`t be achievable. • In order to achieve the above-mentioned guidelines, integrated management system based on international measurement for leading and improving integrated management system are taken with all power. In the further step, system efficacy and adequacy should be monitored, audited and reported.