Parsian in Iran Pharma Exhibition

Parsian understands that to find new and exciting opportunities, there’s nothing more valuable that face-to-face meetings. Therefore, Persian company attended in the 4th Iranian Pharmaceutical Sciences exhibition (IPH) to present the abilities and capacities of the company.

During the first day of exhibition, Dr Firoozpour, the CEO of the company accompanied by senior managers, found a chance to take a look at the other companies’ booths. He also had two speeches on “Essential skills that improve your chances of getting hired” and “The role of industry in development of third generation universities”.

The 4th Iranian Pharmaceutical Sciences Congress was hold in the Imam Khomeyni’s Grand Mosalla in Tehran on September 25th, 2018. The IRAN PHARMA is an international trade fair for pharmaceutical products, machinery and services. Over 400 local and international exhibitors are expected to participate I n this high-profile event, which unifies numerous manufacturers, service providers, scientists and other professionals, active in the pharmaceutical industry, on an international level, to introduce their new product range or to look for new investment opportunities during the post sanction times in Iran and the Middle East.