Accreditations and certifications

• GMP certificate
• Teriflunomide Production Licence
• Iranian patent certificate of Irinotecan HCl
• Iranian patent certificate of Riluzole
• Export GMP
• Iranian patent certificate of Teriflunomid
• Iranian patent certificate of Nilotinib HCl
• Iranian patent certificate of Sunitinib Malate
• Iranian patent certificate of Sorafenib Tosylate
• Iranian patent certificate of Erlotinib HCl
• Iranian patent certificate of Varenicline tartrate
• Production GMP
• Iranian patent certificate of Gefitinib
• Iranian patent certificate of Fampridine

Contact center with quality assurance

In the case of every possible problems related to company`s products, this company feels obliged to respond to its customers and to eliminate the problems in the moment through direct contact line 021-88015755 Extension is 107.

Providing patients` pharmaceutical sources

Regarding domestic producer company`s demands for high-potency and expensive APIs in order to meet patients` demands and improving patients` health level, Parsian pharmaceutical company has developed deep technical strengths in producing of APIs and has used erudite experts to deliver the highest quality APIs that meet regulatory standards based on Iranian Food and Drug Organization reference laboratory.

Social responsibilities

Parsian continuously strives to reduce its consumption of materials and energy, and to cut the quantities of waste and emissions that generates. In order to prevent environmental contamination, not only disposing of all toxic, hazardous and biological waste by making contract with valid and reliable companies, but also separating and recycling where possible based on Iranian Food and Drug Organization. Furthermore, the whole employees are personally feel obliged for health, safety and environment aspects in the workplace to the full extent required by their duties, and to the best of their knowledge, ability and experience. Cooperation and mutual relationships with universities and country`s pharmaceutical science center in order to improve student`s scientific level and active domestic experts in pharmaceutical sciences.